I (still) ❤ Residential Schools

The usual crew of race hustlers and know-nothing activists have been getting a lot of column-inches over the past week about the news that human remains were found at the site of a Residential School in Kamloops.

It's a rare case of Canada news being a worldwide story with CNN, The Guardian, and The Daily Mail all giving the story extensive coverage. As is typical, the media gives absolutely zero coverage of any critical coverage of the event: lots of stories of people fawning over the results...and not a word that most of the published story doesn't make any sense.

Apparently the use of ground-penetrating radar has confirmed there are "215 children" buried at the Kamloops site, some as young as three years old. That's some impressive ground-penetrating radar work! Note however the things that are being breathlessly repeated without question...
  • There are "215" bodies there
  • All "215" are Red Indian children who were attending Residential Schools
  • All died from unknown but surely nefarious reasons
  • There was a coverup in the Catholic Church
  • There was a coverup in the Canadian Government
  • "We" need to "do better" and "atone" for this
As is typical, the mass media doesn't allow for much dissent on this topic, if any. For this, as typical, you have to go to blogs: SmallDeadAnimals and BlazingCatFur readers have some questions about these alleged deaths:
With regard to the “discovery” of the 215 bodies at a former residential school.

My sceptical meter went off the scale on this.
They indicated the discovery was made by using what appeared to be some kind of imaging technology instead of actually physical digging.
They announced these are all native children, every one of them. And they have yet to release one bit of forensic data to support this.
They have not dated the remains so they have not determined whether this is a mass grave or was a site that was utilized over decades.
Was this site always a residential school or did something preceded it such as a mission or was it prior to that a native settlement?

Holding my cards close on this one.

With unknowns like that there is the possibility of this narrative going terribly wrong.


Agreed. On first hearing this, my thoughts were that the grievance industry would go on maximum overdrive, I haven’t been disappointed.

Rushing to judgement is SOP for these race baiters.

But, read this story from NP, it does give perspective of how many years these schools were open, and how deaths occurred. Different era, different health outcomes. It won’t explain every death, but perspective is important. It’s something lacking in the victim hood industry.


I think the thing that triggered my bs meter was the claim that one of the bodies was three years old at time of death.

Using ground penetrating sonar ……

If the operator was able to discern this from a sonar image that’s got to be a first.

Fun fact

The residential school was closed down 1969 which would put the latest that the time of death as 52 years ago, if the body was a student at the school.

Which is odd, because it means the “child” would have started school at 2 years of age.

Forgive me if I presume too much, but did they really send two year olds of to residential schools?

And all determined with the use of ground penetrating sonar.

It started with the original G & M article. Mass graves, as if they were bodies straight from the breakfast ovens; Oh, and genocide; did I forget to add genocide. The politicians and rent seekers certainly didn’t. Come on, if it;s all kids, then surely the noun would be infanticide, because certainly the “Indian” race is more propserous now than ever before, so genocide it was not.

Chief Weeping Wampum will soon demand billions to salve their great spirits.


I'm going with either a mass TB grave or a pit for animals bones like the last "mass grave of murdered children" turned out to be. I refused at work today to go 215 seconds of silence. I explained why it was a farce and refused to participate.

What? Wait, what? This happened before and the "murdered children" turned out to be animal bones? I mean I doubted the ground penetrating radar earlier, but I've reached out for additional clarification.


There will be no "exhaustive investigation". There will be foregone conclusions, and the data will be "massaged" to match those conclusions.

Beefy LaSleep

We’ll be able to tell which way the investigation went by the press it gets down the road. The investigation into missing and murdered aboriginal women was supposed to turn up some sort of widespread white male criminal abuse, but it revealed the disturbing fact that most of the killers were aboriginal men.

Just like that it disappeared.

But it did the trick. The innuendo behind the premise of the investigation smeared whitey as intended.

So what if these kids died of polio or something? No problem, the headlines generated t-oday are what count.


The UN can GFY.

Natives in Canada have 9,000 years worth of unmarked graves.

Natives in non glaciated areas of the world have even longer periods of unmarked graves.

I suggest these morons start digging in their own back yards.


They haven't actually found anything AFAIK,. They are making huge leaps based on a tiny bit of evidence.

Caligula Jones

After the remains of 215 Indigenous children were found

Sorry, my Latin is a bit rusty, but I believe there is a term for "facts not in evidence"...

Canadian Born

Right and these what if these children died of the Spanish flu or TB or some other disease? We won't here a thing about that!

No, we won't. As usual, far-left activists make a false claim based on zero evidence, the media runs with it, and then it's "hateful" to have sensible and logical objections to every aspect of the story from the facts to the "lesson" and to the "acceptable solutions".