"CNN has yet to report whether or not the president truly took the form of a bird and chased the network around a small yard"

Editor's Note: this post was written one year ago but got caught up in draft status. As a result, one year later, here's this post from June 21st 2020.

Clown World: Twitter Fact-Checks Hilarious Trump Tweet Meme on Behalf of CNN:
Twitter and the mainstream lying press are working overtime to gaslight Americans into believing that memes are “fake news.” The president tweeted this hilarious meme by well-known satirist and meme-maker Carpe Donktum on Thursday, which skewered the fake news media narrative and the way they manipulate reality. It is spot-on genius. But journalists are pretending they don’t know it’s a joke.
Of course, we all know that they do this all the time. No, obviously not with the babies, but does anyone remember the Covington kids? CNN showed us manipulated media to make it seem like the teenagers were disrespecting Native Americans. Remember that? They whipped up a hate mob to ruin their lives. They lost a defamation suit in court over it, that’s how bad it was. And Carpe Donktum is one of the best satirists out there. He is effective at showing us the truth about things through jokes.

Here's the original Carpe Donktum video: