We were right all along (again)

Flashback: God Emperor Donald J. Trump mulls over firing Fauci for his unprofessional advocacy.

As for Fauci, the source said Trump is clearly trying to make the doctor uncomfortable, a tactic he uses with many of his top officials. Some in the President's circle -- including conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh have been criticizing Fauci and painting the doctor as somehow aligned with the Clintons.

The tweet retweeted by Trump suggested that Fauci mistakenly downplayed the initial threat of coronavirus to the US in late February when he said the "country as a whole ... still remains at low risk," though the infectious disease expert was referring specifically to an outbreak in Washington state and qualified that "this is an evolving situation."

As I've noted before, if you listened entirely to Rush Limbaugh in 2020 you'd have been months ahead of the "experts". The Wuhan Flu was a Chinese bioweapon and not from a wet market? Fauci lying to make Trump look bad? No scientific basis behind masks or lockdowns or any COVID mitigation strategy?

Even today, when recently leaked emails reveal how Fauci was a lying fraudster, CNN and CTV News publishes it as a weaksauce attack on President Trump by lying presstitutes Christina Maxouris and Paul LeBlanc.

As Stephen Kruiser would say, America's Newspaper of Record is on the case: