"Don't confuse me with anyone else, I am not anyone other than myself."

Blacks committing all the anti-asian hate crimes:

  • Then
    According to the protesters, the Koreans "disrespected an African sister," a Creole-speaking Haitian named Jiselaine Felissaint, who tired of wailing in the check-out line and headed for the door. When she refused the grocers' demand that she open her hag, they heat her savagely. The Koreans claim Felissaint paid two dollars for three dollars' worth of plantains and limes. When the cashier requested the dollar, she retorted, "Yon Chinese, Korean motherfucker. Go back to your country." The cashier said. "This is not your country, not my country, it's everybody's, right?" After an exchange of hot peppers and a tussle, the woman fell to the ground, claiming injury.
  • Now
    There’s been a rise in attacks on Asian-Americans in recent months, especially the elderly. This is true. Statistics confirm it.

    But when it comes to perpetrators of recent acts of violence against Asian-Americans, it’s hardly white supremacy that’s to blame. Vicha Ratanapakdee, an immigrant from Thailand who lived in San Francisco, was brutally assaulted on video by Antoine Watson, a black 19-year-old. 

Not that the Chinese particularly like the negros, as we've noted before.