@ErikaABurch - how much can a person take of being told "white privilege" is real before snapping and justifiably killing a POC?

If you need the background, a violent nonwhite murdered a white man and said it was because he was told a slur (under circumstances that I explained years ago has absolutely nothing to do with racism). A normal person would have a take somewhere between "sticks and stones" and the old legal principle of "fighting words" depending to taste. Erika isn't normal, and basically implied (as this blogpost's title notes) that if a nigger gets called a nigger he's justified in killing the other guy.

But as American Renaissance writer Gregory Hood noted, absent of any proof it's Corey Pujols' word against the word of his former customer, 77-year-old corpse he created on the floor. In Erika's world I could send a black assassin 'round to her front door and execute her "for calling him a nigger" without her saying a single word and she would approve of column-inches being dedicated to defending him for killing her. That is: Erika A. Burch got what was coming to her. I'm sure this sort of system wouldn't come up with any sort of unintended consequences!

The only other thing of note in Erika's tweet is her insistence that Patrick of Atlantis is a "loser bot". This is rapidly becoming the new replacement for "troll", the insane belief that only a computer program can have a different political view. In fact she refers to a different account as a "bot" on the same thread, even though both are pretty clearly directly discussing her comments. As it happened back when I posted the Mulroney-Turner picture below back when "troll" was being used as a lame insult, it's an ignorant statement based on knee-jerk reaction rather than any sort of analysis. It would be like insulting everybody by calling them a nigger without bothering to check what their skin colour was.

It's the whole reason that "NPC" works against them and their counter of "bot" doesn't fit the facts. On the surface they are similar ideas, but the wide range of conservative thought and opinion (and the even-narrower of realistic responses from a bot versus an NPC) really blows a whole in it. Oh those wacky bots, writing almost 3500 blog posts over a decade and a half and somehow going out and taking pictures of hot girls on Whyte Ave all at the same time.

Just like with the ridiculous lie of "white privilege" I'm sick of it. And apparently if I decide to take it out on you, it's all your fault.