@CopGulag - Let us know when you're violently arrested or fined for your illegal gathering

Funny thing is, the evil rules that are being used as an excuse to punish conservatives standing up for their (superior) beliefs regarding the ridiculous anti-liberty lockdowns don't include a "it's okay if you're masked" exemption.

Indeed if they did, then outdoor gatherings as a whole wouldn't be banned. You could get 400 people together at any park in Toronto for a birthday or wedding party. There's no functional difference between a political protest and a friendly get-together, which is of course one of the key points of why superior principled conservatives have opposed these obtrusive government restrictions since the very beginning.

The point remains that, as Shelley Nathanson noted, in the up-is-down clown world of how protests work under the Wuhan Flu lockdown regime, if your protest is evil and based on a lie ("oh the poor Palestinians", #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker, "215 dead Red Indians") then you're allowed to gather without interference from the same police who come down hard on people who are exercising their free speech rights for much more noble causes (ending lockdowns, FakePresident Biden stealing an election).

On the basic principle of equality both should be refused. As a libertarian moral principle both should be permitted. Based on traditional morality only ours should be permitted. There's a problem when the fourth possible outcome is what happens.