So let's all just lockdown for 15-24 months over a minor virus

Physical inactivity kills 5.3 million a year globally:

Lack of physical activity could be causing as many deaths worldwide as smoking and obesity do, say researchers who are calling on people to take at least a 15-minute brisk walk each day.

This week's issue of the medical journal The Lancet includes a series of studies leading up to the London Olympics to highlight how little physical activity most people worldwide actually get and how dire the health consequences are

Looks far more "dire" than the Wuhan Flu.

What’s more, physical inactivity was blamed for nine per cent of premature mortality — more than 5.3 million deaths of the 57 million deaths globally in 2008.

Eliminating physical inactivity could increase life expectancy by 0.68 years. That may seem small, they said, but the gains are for the whole population, not just inactive people who start moving more.

Canadian health authorities recommend that adults get 2½ hours of physical activity a week.

Unless somebody else is in the park, in which case you're killing grandma you selfish psycho.


Physical inactivity costs taxpayers $6.8B a year

Privatize healthcare and this stops being a problem.