Loving and rational parents refused adoption for not bowing down to an evil lie

A Muskoka Ontario-area family was rejected for adoption for not signing onto the lie that a boy can become a girl through the sheer power of wishing.

This is Canada in 2021.
That needs to be written on the national tombstone.
We did review the materials which were from “affirming” organizations that were all pro-trans.

Transgenderism comes from a mental health condition – body dysmorphia.

It is not solved by surgery or hormones.

Hormones and surgery are not appropriate for a child and is tantamount to child abuse. (to which the worker verbally agreed)

Transitioning does not significantly improve mental health/suicide risk and many still feel alien in their own bodies.

Many people regret permanent changes from transitioning including the loss of reproductive ability.

The politics of the trans movement have infected the medical establishment and pushes kids to transition rather than explore and treat the root issues. During our discussion of the politics of agencies, our worker said that in the eyes of her agency, it is black and white, either you’re anti-racist or racist, pro-trans or transphobic.
One wonders how many adoptions "Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions" actually manages to place, seeing as how (white) Christian households make up probably 85% of their clientele (and 99.9999% of transracial adoptions which I keep meaning to write a blogpost about).
Your views regarding gender identity were also made clear. Unfortunately, your views are not in alignment with the values and purposes that are integral to the SAFE home study, this Agency and to the Child Welfare mandate of Ontario. The requirements set out in the Child, Youth and Family Service Act (CYFSA) of Ontario requires that we consider a child’s or young person’s race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in providing for the best interests, protection, and well-being of children. As such, Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions is unable to consider an adoption placement for any child if the placement does not demonstrate that a child’s human rights for emotional safety and belonging are able to be respected and protected.

I would strongly encourage you to consider exploring additional sources of information regarding Equity issues in Canada. If interested, I would encourage you to do some reading to become more informed with gender identity as a human rights issue and I can provide you with some possible referrals if you would find this helpful.

That we think "human rights for emotional safety" is a thing is half the problem. The other half, of course, is their failure to apply those same "emotional safety rights" to religious conservatives. As we've noted many a time before, social conservatives are superior and have a lot more to be proud of.