@johnjackson6666 - Except he wasn't

As we've noted in this space before, "racism isn't active" in America anymore than it is in any other country in the world that has human beings in it. Racism in Botswana is probably 50x worse than it is in America. 

More importantly, it's an outright lie to claim that Senator Timothy Scott was a "victim of systemic racism". Scott was born in 1965, which was a year after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which officially made it a crime to have any sort of "system" in place that discriminated based on race. Again, as we've covered here enough times to make it tiresome for our regular readers, Temper-Le and his ilk have never been able to point to a single example of systemic racism against blacks within Scott's lifetime. (Meanwhile, examples of systemic anti-white discrimination abound)

So he never was a victim of systemic racism. Never. That isn't to say he's never been called a nigger. For all I know somebody calls him a nigger every single morning. Who cares? If every day Kevin Hart walked down his local street and one guy called him "Nigger" and the other guy called him "Shorty", it says nothing about whether there's systemic racism anymore than systemic heightism. In fact the latter has a much stronger case: taller people tend to make more money but that might just be due to being able to apply for more jobs...warehouse pickers are more common than racehorse jockeys, after all. Having people insult you doesn't make any statement about the legal and constitutional systems you live under...and by the way as Scott himself noted, his (generally) white conservative constituents seem to care about his race a lot less than black leftists do. The closest example was being "pulled over for no reason" which is a non-issue when whites can easily point to our own cases of being stopped by police despite having not committed any crime. And the less whined about being followed in a store the better.

Also, Tim Scott never benefited from socialist programs, unless you're extending military benefits into the realm of "socialism". Of course, honesty was never anything the left was planning on bringing out: Tim Scott's speech explicitly mentioned that the rhetoric doesn't match up with the facts on the ground. That's why psychotic nigger activist "Bishop" Talbert Swan kicked the whole thread off by falsely claiming that Scott's statements meant he was a "white supremacy apologist", despite the fact that not a single passage in Scott's speech (click here to read it) is related to white supremacy.

Of course, reading an entire speech and then pointing to specific sentences that demonstrate the point you think you're making is a lot of work. Leftists always project, and I guess we can add "selective memory" to the list.

Bonus coverage: Ann Coulter explaining the appeal of black Republican candidates and the flaws in Senator Scott's politics.