How many comics creators bailed out January 6th Capitol protesters?

From exactly a year ago:

Comics publisher Black Mask Studios is donating 100% of webstore profits on a select number of its titles to protestor bail funds, in response to protests being held worldwide over the death of George Floyd, systemic racism and police violence.

Hey, if these retards are interested in bailing people out who protested based on a lie (COVID, remember, killed George Floyd, and "systemic racism" doesn't exist) that's their call. Thugs stick together, you know...in fact one of the specific titles whose sales were being redirected to bail these evil people out of jail is called Young Terrorists.

But about six months later another group of people were arrested at a protest in response to FakePresident Biden stealing the election. I checked CBR's website and I couldn't find any mention to Black Mask Studios bailing StopTheSteal protesters out of jail. In fact, CBR had no articles about any comic book creators helping bail out conservatives who protested that the United States election system was broken.

One notices that the author, one Dani Prince, hasn't exactly been prolific in her writing. Was this because she just didn't want to investigate creators who were helping people stay free for the "crime" of supporting democracy? Or did she write the story and CBR spiked it?

Inquiring minds want to know.