@PaimonSr - When we want a real expert on molesting children, we'll call

A sodomite is upset that conservatives [and Erin O'Toole, for that matter! -ed] oppose his Viro Fasicm.

As always, these pillow biters are really going to hate it when, for public health reasons, you understand, we introduce Heterosexuality Passports and anybody who doesn't have one can't come sit in a restaurant with us, or watch a movie with us, or get on an international flight to Thailand where sodomizing 9 year olds is perfectly legal (rather than in Canada, where despite its legal status sodomite University of Alberta profs get to do it under the cover of inclusion)

Otherwise they might spread their AIDS. And we need to social distance from them for our own safety, and isn't that the only criteria that matters? CTV says so, after all...only Rempel doesn't.