Summertime in the Void

Mark Steyn's liveblogging of the last several months of the Conrad Black trial has been the definitive source for information on the proceedings (excepting those who feel that Conrad Black is guilty because he crossed Jean Chretien or something).

Well, the jury went for deliberations yesterday, but Steyn's newsfeed isn't dying down so soon. Today he writes:

Oh, well. The entire press corps - Chicagoans, New Yorkers, Brits, Canucks, the lot - stampeded into court, as did all four defendants and families, to hear the jury's first note to the judge. It read as follows:

"Dear Judge,

"We will be meeting today from 9am to 4.45pm. Tomorrow, 6/29, we will meet from 9am to 1pm."
Thrilling stuff.

(Seriously, though, the whole site is worth quite the read. He should archive it in .pdf for future generations or some such thing.)