Politics on a hockey blog: fair trade

I haven't had much to say about hockey lately (hey, imagine Cherepanov and Esposito on the same team...it could have happened K-Lowe...it could have happened).
Oddly enough, mc79 hockey has had a recent post about Edmonton Police and their shoddy behaviour during the Oilers Cup run last year. I've posted on it a couple of times, I will be posting more on it tomorrow...just to give you a heads up. It's getting pretty intense.

Update, 3:09pm: I have made another comment, and boy is it a doozy.

Update, Jun 26 2007 2:33am: The thread continues, with a surprising number of people willing to personally attack me (and imply I'm a criminal) and defend EPS for no particular good reason. (Bitch must have deserved it!)