Colby Cosh wrote recently about the Globe and Mail's "slam dunk" headline ("Paris Liberated").

Which is why, after the past several weeks of reading into the tales of the Alberta Energy & Utilities Board Committee hearings (relevent background links #1, #2, #3,#4, and #5), I feel sorry for the headline writers at major newspapers (Journal/Herald/SUN in particular), because it seems in this entire story they have missed out on an amazing possible headline:

NIMBY in Rimbey

That nobody other than me has written these words before is more than a bit of a shame.

From what I've heard on the issue, actual local residents were not entirely thrilled by a bunch of hippies from the city being trained and organized and bussed down for the protest. (Again, why do leftists enjoy protesting so much). Its upset some people enough that I've heard somebody in the town has been destroying the protesters signs and publicly burning them on the spot -- and its a well-known local rather than a PI from what I've been told. Funny how that didn't make it into the Straight Goods articles...

Update, 2:25pm: I spoke too soon: Neil Waugh wrote in the Edmonton SUN on April 3rd that the Lavesta Area group was "the NIMBY from Rimbey"