Post #800 Baby!

For a while it didn't feel like this day would ever come. Yet here we are, and time to celebrate another posting milestone. Unlike last time, the dreaded "I hate you Blogger Beta" timeframe, there have been practically no changes made to the blog over the past 100 posts. What we have had are lots of posts, and I'll crunch the numbers as has become the tradition. Again, the monthly auto-counting saves me lots of time.

In April, I made 31 posts in 27 days, 3 hours, 13 minutes, for a posting rate of one post every 0.8573 days (ie every 21 hours, 0 minutes, 25 seconds). In May, 38 posts in the 31 days for a rate of one post every 0.8158 days (ie every 19 hours, 34 minutes, 44 seconds). In June, so far I've made 30 posts in 27 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes for a posting rate of one post every 0.9157 days (ie every 21 hours, 58 minutes, 40 seconds). In total, we are looking at 99 posts in 85.60 days, for a total posting rate of one post every 0.86 days (ie every 20 hours, 45 minutes, 10.91 seconds). Not bad not bad.

Anyways, now for a look at what exciting posts you could have read here over the past couple three months:Best reads:

Finally, I posted about Edmonton/Alaska/Mexico in a post I can't quite assign to a category, but which I am quite proud of.