CFP on Leno

That's right kids, my prediction made after the conference finals came true.

Which one was that? (I do make many)

That an Anaheim win would at least give the NHL some TV exposure (the most hockey playoff advertising NBC did the entire playoff run, one may not). Chris f'ing Pronger, Jean Giguere (any idea why people have to announce his entire name? This was the second worst thing about listening to Cole during the finals, the worst being this "Buka-Man" who played defense for the quacks), and Brad May instead appeared with the Cup. I wouldn't be surprised to see Pronger on there someday not answering questions about why he left Edmonton.

Regardless, at the end of the scene, Pronger throws the Tonight Show guy the cup. Were he a knowledgeable hockey fan, he'd throw it back and ask for it to be tested for STDs first.