This isn't a competition, but if it was I'm winning

Colby Cosh has boldy dropped the notepad/FTP combination that made his site unique, and given us a faustian bargain: shitty looking MT/Blogger style blogs like the rest of us, but now he posts more than once a fortnight. (Similar to the Mike Jenkinson faustian bargain: more regular blog postings in return for his being fired from the Edmonton SUN).
Anyways, Cosh has been, as I believe I mentioned, making a big splash in the posting department, not the least of which because one of his recent postings featured a picture of a hot chick (Miss Universe 2007, as it happens).

I can't fall behind with the summer Whyte-ave photography season just around the corner, so I present a stopgap measure. Photos of the hot Women's Tennis stars.

No time/energy for major rankings, so here are a few big names with big...tracts of land:
2005 Newcomer of the Year winner Sania Mirza looks awfully hot in glasses.
2006 Newcomer of the Year winner Agnieszka Radwańska has a hard to write name unless you cut and paste. She's hotter 'cuz she's young, isn't she?
Belarus' Anastasiya Yakimova is cursed with the "amazing body/unappealing face" combo that is so prevalent in women's tennis (all non-hot players except for Venus Williams and the Chinese are like that...maybe Aranxta Sanchez Vicario as a 'so ugly the body can't make up for it' may fall in there as well).
Now cute from top to bottom is a good way to describe Caroline Wozniacki, the Danish sexpot that captured our hearts and...well, we'll leave it at that.
The U.S. has been having trouble of late with attractive tennis players, but Ashley Harkleroad is doing her best to change that. Disturbing, however, is why Google's image searches on her name reveal this picture that at first glance looks way too much like a penis.
They may be cowardly wimps and overbearing poseurs on this planet, but the French do provide us girls like Mathilde Johansson to make up for it.

Finally, a great tennis photo to liven up your day:Andrea Petkovic's perfectly sculpted ass.