Ducks lead 3-1

Well, Anaheim in 5 doesn't quite cover the Senators choking I expected, but its close.

I'm still miffed about all the pro-Sens garbage in Edmonton. I mean, is Comrie forgiven now? Does nobody else, pace Neil Boortz, pay taxes anymore?

Anyways, ironically I'm more here to talk about the faggiest sports news ever, even more so than two golfers falling to injury. Good thing these people don't play hockey!

Anyways, there's such a thing as the "Autism Speaks" race this past weekend, which they had postponed due to rain. That is so homo.

They're sitting in cars, and they can't handle rain? And don't feed me any bullshit about "the track", because do you know who doesn't cancel events due to rain?

Formula One.

Quick, between NASCAR and Formula One, which series features open cockpit-style drivers seats? That's right, Formula One. Which features enclosed hoods and windshields? Why...NASCAR. So naturally its NASCAR that postpones races due to some water falling on the track.

This is why NASCAR, despite its leagues of fans, will never be taken seriously.