Civil war may be in Palestine's future

JERUSALEM - Gunmen of rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah sharply escalated their fight for supremacy on Tuesday, with Hamas taking over much of the northern Gaza Strip in what began to look increasingly like a civil war.
If that wasn't enough...al Quaida and Lebanese fighters continue to battle in other parts of Palestine.

With all of this turmoil going on, the U.S. has to be able to stand up and take decisive action. President Bush needs to deliver a bold, concise, and strong speech that makes it clear how the civilized world should react to this new crisis in the Middle East.

In the interests of being a good neighbour, I have written a rough draft of the President's speech in response to the Mid-East crisis:

In all seriousness, from any reasonable western viewpoint, this can't help but be a good thing. First off, every day that the Arabs spend killing each other is another day they aren't going about the business of killing us. Secondly, every violent action al Qaida takes in Palestine breaks down a little bit of the support they get around the world by self-declared "enemies of the Joos". To be honest, there's not a lot of logical disconnect in that corner of the globe, but even the most vehement anti-American Islamic nutjob has to wonder where this global terrorism thing gets them if Palestinians start musing that they were better off living under the big Jew-rat tent rather than the liberal and homogeneous wackjob Muslim one.