FACLC's Pop Culture Test

Gina Gershon has a hard time with personality tests (ahem!) before breakfast or her daily latte.

The above comes from an article called "The EW Pop Culture Personality Test: Gina Gershon". Immediately my own sort of test came to mind:
  1. Do you know who Gina Gershon is when you hear/read the name?
  2. Does this page help?
  3. "Gershon — a part-time rocker who's occasionally known as Ugly Betty's Fabia — can be seen as Denis Leary's steady on the new season of FX's Rescue Me." Do you know who this is now?
  4. How about now?
  5. Still no clue?
I had to go all the way to #4 before I was able to say "oh, the chick who did the voice of Six the sex-slave android in Trippin' the Rift". Without, I'd have moved right along to #5.

Feel free to post your own scores in the comments.