Computer stores soon to be on the back of milk cartons

Today I went to CompuSmart southside and discovered...it was all closed up. (Naturally, even though I had my digital camera, I never bothered to take a picture). At Memory Express I learned that Compusmart across the entire province has closed its doors as of today. (So much for that hot economy, eh?)

BCOM's store at 118th and 156th street closed it doors too, I seemed to think. Today I learned its just moved a block further down the street than I bothered to go. Whoops. Meanwhile, BCOM southside has basically become a little room where they show you all the product on their website that they can order in. Back to Best Buy, I suppose.

Bonus computer link: Canada RAM, the Canuck equivalent of NewEgg.com, can ship even Notebook RAM directly to your door.