Maybe he just doesn't believe the Edmonton SUN's account of the incident?

Yesterday Mike Jenkinson blogged:

The sad wrestling news of the day is the sudden death of Edmonton's own Chris Benoit and his family in Atlanta. Chris was in the top 3 of my favorite wrestlers of all time, and he'll be missed terribly.
I suppose that this goes to show what timing is all about. Assumably at the time he wrote that, Mike was unaware of this story.

I assume its also time for the standard caveat that Benoit is only alleged (or in the U.S. do dead men get guilticized regardless of trials? It's not an idle question or an anti-American dig, but I noticed for example the Virginia Tech shooter isn't 'alleged').

Still, a little rough. I suppose its very Christian of him to express remorse over the incident and say that the man will be missed. Mike's a decent guy though, from anybody who remembers his columns, so I have a feeling he's slightly eating those words this morning.

Update, June 27 2007 11:05am: As the commenter below has noted, Mike has updated with more on the story, including noting that as I suspected, he didn't know the full extent of the tale when the post was made. This is, I believe, the first and last time anybody will ever link to my blog under the heading "This would explain all the hits I got on the site today".