Global Warming is a serious matter for everybody else

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and his predecessor Gro Harlem Brundtland both pride themselves on being environmental advocates. Their credibility fell into question after they used a private jet to get back and forth to a conference in Tromsø aimed at cutting emissions.

It wasn't just a matter of using the private jet so much as it was that there were other scheduled flights to/from the same destinations. That doesn't stop the global warming lies, mind you: the director of the U.N.'s Environmental Agency UNEP claims there was no other way to attend the conference. Sure the average Joe has to schlump around on commuter flights and cabs and trains and rental cars, but the jetsetting global warming climate change fighters aren't the average Joe. Their environmental compassion, if not their environmental action, has landed them big bucks. As the UN's Achim Steiner says, just buy a climate ticket that makes your trip carbon neutral. And if you can't afford a 'climate ticket'? Well, you'd better make serious changes to your lifestyle such as ditching the car, eschewing all air travel, etc. etc. etc. On the bright side, you might be able to get a couple little handouts from the global elite as they pay you a small stipend to not enjoy your own life so they can enjoy theirs. Then again, chances are that the only people the global elite will be sending money to is their own well-heeled friends who run a sham industry of "climate tickets" and "carbon credits".