A question about so-called "climate change"

Last week big headlines were made as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned the U.S. Congress about global warming.

Now its time to ask the IPCC the analog of the question asked every time a scientist or activist argues against global warming:
How many of the scientists involved in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are on the payroll of governemnt?

After all, if being paid for by Exxon makes a scientist prone to give results that Exxon wants (no global warming, no need to regulate oil & gas industry), does it not follow that all of these scientists receiving big government grants will therefore be prone to give results that big government wants (global warming, massive tax hikes, nationalize oil & gas industry, huge money grabs for NGOs and elite consultants)?

How about we get some "global warming is really happening" from the scientists paid for by industry before we jump up and down over this nonsense.

Update, 2:54pm: I replaced all the "Enron"s in the original post with "Exxon". Silly mistake. Canconv readers will note that the original post is still quoted on the site.

Bonus fake science question: Is it true that the discovery that their claims are false cause environmentalists to push even harder for economic ruin at the hands of climate change? Yes.

Bonus link #1: Canada Free Press asks "what's with these control freaks spearheading global warming initiatives?"

Bonus link #2: Colby Cosh has resumed posting, and linked to his recent National Post article about the Stern Report's failure to properly model economics.