"Don't mince words, Bones, what do you really think?"

I have no love for the province of Ontario. I can say this straight on.

After all, it was less than three months ago that I proposed, in all earnestness, carpet combing the province with nuclear weapons. I wonder if North Korea could sell us some...

I mention this for a couple three reasons:

  1. A recent post of mine mainly mad at the enviro-loving weenies has taken on a life of its own in the comments [somewhat of a rarity on this blog -ed] dedicated primarily to Ontario bashing.
  2. I have long since strongly believed, and never got around to blogging about, that I have a hatred for Ontario that far surpasses anything I can stir up for a bunch of wimpy frogs. In fact, and this is the sort of thing I cannot emphasize enough:
    If I was ever shown a button which could instantly sink the entire province of Ontario into the sea and kill every man woman and child whom lived therein, I would press that button in a millisecond, and I would never look back for as long as I lived.
  3. This post at Defend Canada about the sports franchise whose biggest acheivement since the Pearson government was buggering little boys, where the best response to my fabled Maple Leafs scheduling quiz was to call me "not bright".
  4. Finally, this happened. (Battle of Alberta has a take on it here)