It seems like a shame now

Saskatchewan today celebrates their first Family Day.

Well, welcome to the party, I suppose. It seems almost a shame that Saskabush has joined in on the bandwagon, not the least of which because this hilarious article from one year ago on Saskabush.com is no longer true.

I had some thoughts about Family Day, as I watched huge swarthes of people believe the best thing to do in order to celebrate with their families was to shop for consumer electronics. It almost seems a lost holiday now: back when it was Farmer's Day and only schools and some provincial employees got it off, it seemed more special. I hazard a guess that fewer people spend time with their families now than they did before. If our new "Rurally Minded Ukrainian Premier"TM is all he's advertised, he should change it back to the old name.

Bonus Saskatchewan current events link #1: With this additional holiday, Saskatchewan is attracting the ire of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Are there any small businesses left in Saskatchewan? I assumed they all died out when Roy Romanow passed his 714th bill intended to "stop multinationals from running Saskatchewan" only to find multinationals the only businesses that could afford the red tape associated with the new laws.

Bonus Saskatchewan current events link #2: Saskatchewan is currently 5-0 and in first place at the Scott Tournament of Hearts. (I refuse to call it the faggy "Scotties Tournament of Hearts")