Day Break Episode 6 mini-review

We're back in action! Thanks to the wonders of Ares filesharing, I now have episodes 6-12 (Episodes 1-5 as well, but I had already covered those) of the now-cancelled ABC show. Episode 13 is airing for Americans on ABC this week, I should have it by next Monday.

In episode 6, everything changes as a seemingly minor decision Hopper makes has massive consequences. He finds Quarry Guy. He identifies the Jane Doe. Yet now Chad is killed at an ATM, skinheads in a van are chasing after Damien, and the fingerprint on the hourglass brings up some mysteries of its own. It's also found that Hopper's sister has some connection with the conspiracy, as she's who shoots Chad at the bank machine, and at the end of the episode we see her at the quarry as Quarry Guy is executed by his superiors.

First the answered questions:

  1. Miguel Dominguez is a Latin Disciple, and an infamous one...he's like the Boogeyman for Latin Disciples, named Eceddie Eurone(sp?), the "Crying Man" (boogeyman), who can "kill you in your dreams".
  2. Jane Doe is Isabella Cortez, whose mother has gone crazy after her disappearance. She worked at a high and fancy club.
  3. Quarry Guy's name is "Detwiller"(sp?), who was the manager at the fancy club that Isabella worked at. Hopper knows where he lives, got details on his family, all sorts of interesting and helpful stuff.
  4. Andrea still takes Eddie to rehab every day, but apparently isn't calling anymore. Hopper's change continues to work from day to day.

And only two extremely major unanswered questions:
  1. What does Hopper's sister have to do with anything? How much does she know? How much of this is she in on?
  2. Who's the other man in the car who gives Jennifer the speech about the difference between warnings and examples?

Apparently this was the last episode to be seen in the U.S. (Global stopped airing after episode 5), and I gotta tell you this would be a bitch of a way to end the series if it wasn't for the magic of streaming video on the internet. Thanks technology!

Update, 3:21pm: The first two minutes of Episode 7 show that the next day is going to be filled with examining the license plate of Boss Guy as well as the consequences of the "rules" of the day...Hopper's body doesn't revert back.