There were many things I never got around to covering on this blog for the last six weeks. Day Break is one of them

Er, yeah, it got cancelled.

As Wikipedia says:

Online availability of episodes

ABC initially stated that the remaining episodes would be released on-line at ABC.com, on Thursdays at 2 a.m. PST, the day after they would have been aired on television. ABC previously said that there were problems that kept the rest of the episodes from being shown online, calling them "unforeseen music clearance issues." In addition, ABC.com removed a direct link to the Day Break section from its website. ABC.com has since reinstated the Day Break page. On January 14, 2007 the network announced that the remaining episodes would be made available "by the end of February." ABC.com posted the six episodes that aired on ABC online on January 29, 2007, along with first four unaired episodes. The fifth unaired episode was posted on February 4; the sixth will be posted on February 12, and the seventh on February 19.

Guess its time for me to hit Ares, the filesharing program from last week which I discovered can replace the now spammed-out-of-existence Limewire. As I get further episodes I hope to continue my reviews.

As for some Day Break Got Cancelled asides:
  1. Remember back when I asked is Bakula the Ted McGinley of SciFi?? That was in a post about a Serenity connection on Voyager. Now, ironically, Adam Baldwin (no relation) has been in two cult followed cancelled programs: Firefly and Day Break. Perhaps Baldwin is the Ted McGinley of SciFi.
  2. Lost was only on hiatus for 13 episodes. Is Day Break really such a money loser that the already-in-the-bag episodes airing would cost the network more than the lost viewers of airing The George Lopez Show and According to Jim reruns? Is this the state of American network television?
  3. On a Ted McGinley note, I asked this question of a (female) coworker yesterday. Which is worse: being captured by Iraqis and having electric probes applied to your genitals...or having a husband who every night insists on watching Hope & Faith on CMT?


K. Restoule said...

I'm sorry I never heard of the show. I guess I'm just a lemming, watching Heroes and Jericho.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Actually it was in the same time slot as Jericho. That's how I discovered it. The first episode of Jericho I watched was Federal Response, ending with the launching of ICBMs. So next week I tuned in, and saw the unbelievably boring followup 9:02. It was so boring that I ended up channel flipping, and saw what I figured was some TV movie on Global starring Adam Baldwin. And the rest was history.