The dumbest 12 steps I'll never follow

The Next Agenda today is listing 12 steps to Global Climate change reform. I figure why not take these apart as a fun exercise.

  1. Admit that we have a problem and that we are NOT powerless.
    I don't think there's much of a problem. The environment is not something the average person needs to worry about. Nor the politician. Nor the environmentalist. We will get the environment we need and want, and none other, and that is a good thing.

  2. Come to the belief that "Higher powers" are governed by we the people, and we have to make changes now
    Tempting, but both parts of this two-part "step" (Next Agenda needs a dictionary) are completely senseless. Higher powers are by definition not governed by anybody, even if "we the people" existed as something more than a foolish construct in the minds of some hippies. ("We the people" includes both him and me, so right away you can see the problem with it). As for "we have to make changes now"...why? And what changes?

  3. Make a decision to force our will on the "Higher powers" that be, to make them see the light. Even if we need to take to the streets.
    Why is it that left wing nutjobs can't go twenty seconds without promoting some sort of crazy street marching, which usually results in property damage and severe injury with no real purpose?

  4. Make an inventory on each of our own personal lives, and strive to do better as an individual.
    Done: "I think the time for passivity is over. It's time to actively fight these idiots. I for one am never going to let anybody get away with claiming global warming ever again...even in idle conversation, I will immediately declare them fools"

  5. Talk to one person, who must then tell another person the nature of all of our wrongs.
    So I should comment on this moron's blog?

  6. Be ready to make these changes individually and humbly keep our own "corner" of this planet clean.
    My apartment is a mess. And when it gets too messy, I throw out the crap and leave it strewn across the front lawn of Kevin Taft's office.

  7. Acknowledge that clean air, drinkable water and a safe place to live without war, are a RIGHT to all the current and future denizens of this planet, and not a privilege.
    2 million years of human history seem to indicate that none of the above are particularly common. And what the hell does war have to do with anything?

  8. Make a list of all the species that we have harmed, and make the changes to ensure they will survive.
    Panda steaks. Elephant burgers. Hey, it worked for the buffalo!

  9. Make direct amends by ensuring that old growth forests are preserved, and by not worsening the problem by logging and clearcutting.
    But old forests aren't something you can "preserve" anymore than old people are something you can "preserve". You can either accept the life cycles and enjoy their company, or you can be an idiot. I guess Next Agenda has made his choice.

  10. Continue to take inventory, and never stop making changes where they may be needed.
    So environmentalism just needs a Supply Chain Manager?

  11. Seek to understand that we are only a small part of this planet. All of us share the responsibility, and we are all to blame.
    I'm not to blame. You said it yourself, I'm only a small part of the planet.

  12. After having accepted all of the above, carry this message to all the deniers and skeptics, and practice the above principles in all of our own affairs.
    I can't remember whom, but one of the Blogging Tories has about 12 posts up about "climate change deniers" over the past week. This must be what they had in mind!


Kent W. said...

...and Environmentalism's movement towards a full-blown religion is pretty much complete.

Anonymous said...

In response to your quizzical rhetorical question - 'So I should comment on this moron's blog?'

Well, sure why not come on over. After all, I was able to answer my own similar question by posting here.

Again, come on over.