Widget request

Despite the annoyances of this new Blogger system (does albertanationalist@blogspot.com still work, I wonder?) the widget thing does seem to be a small silver lining. (Except for finding 82 spam comments and some guy in BC wanting to snowboard in this old post)

Now for a thought I had long long ago. Is it possible to make a widget that could let me list on the page recent comments I have made on other people's blogs? Seems to me a far more interesting thing than "who has commented on mine". This lets people like me who comment on sometimes 25 blogs in a day and then nothing for a month be able to look back at arguments they ended up in. Technoratti does something similar to this: you can see I posted on Canada's Debate a few weeks ago, but that's about it.

Some crazy Germans are also down with this idea, so hopefully it will soon come.