Remember When...

Hey, remember when the election was won, and there was a sense of optimism amoungst conservatives in Alberta? "Western separatism, which has been growing in Alberta, will decline radically with an Albertan as Prime Minister." and all those platitudes.

Harper himself told Albertans "you wanted to be in", ignoring that we really didn't want that anymore.

And now this...

I think the time for passivity is over. It's time to actively fight these idiots. I for one am never going to let anybody get away with claiming global warming ever again...even in idle conversation, I will immediately declare them fools, listening to the junk science by biased pro-government researchers. And its high time that every person in Alberta born east of Lloydminister got themselves judged as a security risk.

The leftists and enviro-weenies fight a war every day and pretend their against it. It's time to make them eat their words. It's time to come up with a solid plan to get Alberta the fuck out of here.