Hell no, we won't take you back! Hell no, we won't take you back!

Parkland school teachers (west of Edmonton, Stony Plain/Spruce Grove) are currently on strike, and they fear it might be a long one.

Seeing how public schools are rapidly decending into extreme liberal bias, and how public education is getting less and less competant at even teaching kids how to read (I know of one high school graduate who cannot divide 30 by 2), I figure its high time somebody went out and stated the obvious: its better for kids in public education to not go to school than to actually show up.

So kids in Parkland aren't learning about how important the role of government is, how evil white people in North America have been, how Trudeau saved a nation, how Islam is one of the worlds most peaceful religions, how global warming is the largest threat to our planet today, how to perform sodomy, and why universal healthcare makes us 10,000,000% better than the U.S.



ABFreedom said...

You make excellent points.... Maybe we should shut them all down for a few years.. The kids will learn more.