David Suzuki frightens small children

Suzuki blasts Harper over global warming

Environmentalist David Suzuki savaged Prime Minister Harper over global warming in front of a gymnasium full of elementary school students and their parents on Friday.

Later, he furiously lashed out at Albertans, calling rapid development of the oilsands “insanity” and a “disaster.”

Suzuki, who was invited to speak at Altadore elementary school and accept $835 collected by the students for his foundation, asked the kids what Harper’s main priority was after being elected last year.

“The only thing he cares about is getting re-elected with a majority government,” he said, adding any of the PM’s pledges to preserve the environment are cynical ploys to that end.

“I don’t believe there is a green bone in Harper’s body — he has never, ever indicated he cares about the environment.”

He told the room some of his message was directed at the adults, because the youngsters don’t vote and Harper and other politicians don’t care about them.

“It’s up to your mom and dads to ensure your futures and livelihoods are part of the agenda,” he said to about 185 students ranging from kindergarten to Grade 6.

Following his presentation, adults and students alike gave Suzuki a warm round of applause, prompting the geneticist to note it was coming from oil-rich Albertans.

Later, with reporters, Suzuki slammed the province’s refusal to rein in the development of the oilsands, which produces massive amounts of greenhouse gas.

“Albertans have always had the highest standard of living in the country, why do you need all this out-of-control expansion of the oilsands?” said an angry Suzuki.

“It’s insanity ... it’s crazy.”

In a speech on Thursday, premier Ed Stelmach dubbed threats to the natural environment “perceived” and said green politics “are as much about emotion as they are about science.”

A clearly agitated Suzuki said his hopes of an environmental change of heart under Stelmach have been dashed.

“In Alberta, you’ve got a great deal of nay-sayers who say it’s all junk science but they don’t publish anything,” said the activist, who defended his passion on the issue.

“If you don’t get emotional about what’s happening to the earth, there’s something fundamentally wrong.”

Before the event, Altadore principal Harold Whittaker said he’d heard no concerns from parents over Suzuki’s appearance and defended it.

“We’re trying to get the kids to be global citizens about the environment,” he said.
So, remember last week when I brought up leftist proclivities in the education system? Anybody feel like trying to argue against me at this point? David Suzuki comes in front of a bunch of kids and delivers a highly charged partisan political speech with no efforts to rebutt or present opposing sides. Will Altadore school let Timothy Ball speak at their school next week to talk to children about how Suzuki is full of the hot air that the earth isn't? Somehow I doubt they would still think it important to "get the kids to be global citizens about the environment" when it didn't support their anti-Harper and anti-capitalist agenda.

Fortunately, Ed Stelmach has decided to at least pretend to be outraged about the incident: the Edmonton SUN reports today that Stelmach stated "Dr. Suzuki's comments reflect the unproductive emotional rhetoric and personal attacks that distract from efforts to find constructive solutions." A little calmer than I would have been, but that's the Stelmach way, I suppose.

At the very least, I think we should be suggesting to Principal Whittaker a few other people who should be able to speak in front of his students (and their parents):
  1. Timothy F. Ball, as already mentioned, on the topic of "why global warming is a junk science and why doing something is the worst thing government can do"
  2. Dave Bryan on the illegality and immorality of the Canadian Wheat Board
  3. Ted Byfield on the topic of the homosexual agenda and its dangerous implications for both now and in the future
  4. Cory Morgan on the topic of Alberta Separatism: the reasons for it, the lack of reasons against it, and how it is the best way for Alberta to be a world leader in the 21st century and beyond. (Note, I'm willing to go to the school and speak out on the same topic)
  5. Bruce Hutton of LUFA on the subject of why government gun control is an evil assault on fundamental human rights and how it is the first step in the establishment of any police state
  6. Ezra Levant talking about how George W. Bush is the best American President for Alberta since at least Ronald Reagan, and how Canadians should do their best to ensure that a Bush-style Republican wins his party's nomination and then the White House in 2008

    and finally:
  7. Melvin H. Smith on the topic of legalized racism: why Canada shoud abolish all aboriginal programs and policies from the federal down to the municipal level, and why the best thing for aboriginals in Canada is to assimilate into the general population.

Until these men get to speak at Calgary schools and present (unchallenged, unedited, and with implied and direct support of the school administration) their position, a great injustice has been done in Calgary, and not enough people are speaking out against it.

Update, 3:24 am: I've brought this post to the attention of the Western Standard, who is already discussing David Suzuki.
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Anonymous said...

What does David Suzuki expect. The oil sands brings good paying jobs and they are increasingly hard to find. Globalization has made it all to easy for jobs to be relocated where the labour is inexpensive. Wages have comparitivly gone down over the last 25 years. This is a direct result of Globalization and there intention of finding the cheapest labour. So before we start attacking the oil sands, we have to look at the reasons that our jobs are paying less and less. Without decent jobs and an economy that is strong people will continue to put the environment in the back of their minds. Don't tell me that Dr. Suzuki has not had an high paying career and has enjoyed the benefits of all he television, books, public speaking and research to make a tidy profit.
It is after all what most people want.

mal said...

Hahahahahahahahahah! You... you've got to be kidding me!