Why is an 8-year old local news story top reading at CTV.ca?

This story about a "No Drunken Indians" sign at a Tim Horton's in Lethbridge (that probably had to deal with a lot of horrible behaviour from drunken Indians) is currently the #2 story on the CTV News website.

What's the deal? The other stories in this list: the Samsung Smart TV spying scandal, the embarrassing acquisition by the Liberals of Eve Adams from the Conservatives, and the sad story of how bureaucracy works no matter who's in power (Veteran's lost legs)..they're all current.

Did enough people view the (now) #5 story about a Tim Hortons who gave a homeless guy the first bath he'd had in years, and click a "related" link about this story to elevate it in the rankings? Isn't it now weird that it's surpassed the homeless guy story in popularity?

(Full disclosure: having already heard about the water incident but not the sign incident, I myself only clicked on the "No Drunken Indians" story, making me part of the problem.