Race War

Jim Goad talks about the U.S.'s new race war.

All human events are better viewed through Darwin than through Marx. This is a classic turf war between animals who view themselves as different breeds. And it’s only natural; rather than the ethnic harmony that the salesmen keep trying to pitch us, diversity usually breeds conflict. If demographic trends continue, Mexicans will have the clear numerical advantage in this simmering war. They already seem to have an organizational edge—the Mexican Mafia has allegedly issued orders from prison for Hispanic gang members to quit squabbling among themselves and work together to drive out all mayates from the barrios. The masterminds behind black organized crime don’t seem to be nearly as organized.
All this talk of minorities fighting makes me think of my favourite statistic of all time:

The number of Indians in Canada was roughly equivalent to the number of queers.

And it would be the shortest war ever.

I deliberately said "was" rather than "is". The Red Indian now numbers in roughly the 4% range, indicative of their huge population growth in recent years (the same one that proves they aren't victims of "genocide". It, uh, goes without saying that the fags aren't reproducing at any appreciable rate.