The Left's War on Science

The "Disaffected Lib" doesn't like all that hydraulic fracking going on. [I guess he likes paying high gas prices... -ed].

He does bring up that the infamous "CO2 sequestration" projects would be jeopardized by earthquakes. (He need not worry: the CO2 sequestration itself will likely just cause earthquakes anyways, fracking be damned.

So what's the problem? Well, spending billions on injecting carbon underground won't help if it just comes back up. So we might as well leave the carbon right where it is and save ourselves the money. Bjorn Lumborg approved!

There can't be any other trouble...oh God...

That CO2, if it leaks to the surface, is deadly and all it might take is a failed well cap or seismic rift to allow that to happen.
Deadly CO2? Hey, remember when you had run to quickly from building to building because the very air we breathe is deadly?