9/11 was caused by violent Muslims hijacking aircraft

Hey look who's still alive!

Edmonton's 9/11 Truthers took some time to update us with how the investigation into George W. Bush (pbuh) is coming along.

It's, uh...still going?

Edmonton January 25, 2015: During Civil Information Actions between 2007 to 2013 activist and founder of Edmonton 9/11 Truth Doug Brinkman published accounts of these civil actions on dozens of YouTubes. Most of these videos are now archived privately but Doug has selected 13 of his favorite 9/11 civil actions and has now published this special YouTube Playlist as an archive to our actions.
The YouTube video is below. Note that apparently the focus on Doug's camera is giving him some trouble, and that he's very very concerned with how Edmonton is built on land that Indians used to live on (but not as well).