Mega News roundup

A Calgary photographer catches an errant piece of Chinese rocket.

This is the lamest thing to complain to Gmail about ever

An exotic wasp is named after Tukka Rask. Its sting is almost as painful as being blown out in the third period of a playoff game

Facebook is the biggest drain on cellphone batteries, say researchers who don't play Simpsons: Tapped Out

Joan River's daughter says it would have been nice if the Oscars had bothered to mention Joan Rivers. I think it was just cover so they could avoid mentioning Finn Noergaard

Austrailian air traffic control technology can't even track planes right in front of them

Do the British get the best headlines because of their writers, or the best news?
That global warming pause has another 5, maybe 25 years left, max.
What do Keith Olbermann and Mark Steyn have in common? They're both in trouble for dissing Penn State 
Unions try to prevent new McDonald's in Brazil
Vancouver parents are shocked to discover the private school is...private?

Star Trek III wrapped up shooting several years ago. They mean Star Trek XIII perhaps?