A broken down truck for a broken down people

We found the truck!

Earlier I ruminated on the missing fire truck that the Makwa Sahgaiehcan Indian Reservation was provided by the federal government:

Is that truck still there? Is it derelict and being used to sniff gas and drink Lysol? Has it, in a fit of irony but totally normal for abandoned vehicles on reserves, been set on fire and left as a burnt husk? I put the question to the readers of SmallDeadAnimals, but especially with this recent incident I'm sure the band will be making sure nobody ever sees or hears from this truck again.
Well, it happens on occasion: I was mistaken. The band wasn't hiding their truck, they were trying to reframe the story as another "woe is me" tale.

That's it right there: the truck

It looks exactly as forlorn and pathetic as one might imagine.