Mega News roundup

Al Jazeera examines corruption in Mexico, if you want an idea how bad things must be south of the Rio Grande

Four children have died in a fire in a rural Manitoba community. I don't even need to draw you to the obvious parallel, the commenters are doing that just fine.

Why do chicks want to join ISIS? Ask Spain, who just arrested four people involved in an online recruitment ring.

Spain has also ruled on Catalonia independence, saying the vote has to come from the central rather than regional governments.

Apple Computers have been ordered to pay up Smartfish who narrowly avoids the definition of a patent troll.

Of all the things that can kill you in Afghanistan, you may have forotten heavy snow, but 124 families never will.

Chris Brown has been barred entry to Canada while Drake is permitted to roam free?

What's being built at South Edmonton Common? Here's a possible candidate.

Target has turned a page in the United States as a result of many changes like free shipping, expanded digital sales, and getting the fuck out of Canada

What do a woman's hands say about her career? (insert dishpan hands joke here)

Benedict Cumberbatch weighs in on ruining Khan and playing a mentally ill faggy computer genius.

Birmingham (England, not Alabama, though they are similar) has just begun a massive tear-down and building project that will employ 1300 people and provide a shelter for 150,000 pigeons.

Are "The Troubles" really over? The son of a Sinn Féin activist was attacked with a bomb in what's said to be part of "simmering tensions in the Crossmaglen area

Drones have come to Paris. Authorities warn that you can tell a drone is nearby if you can hear a high-pitched really annoying whining sound and wait that's every populated area of France already.

Twitter coward and fake scientist Michael E Mann seems to associate himself with a statistically significant number of sex offenders.

Soccer teams in Greece are getting violent with each other in rashes of attacks that at the very least aren't austerity-related.

Roman Polanski isn't going anywhere anytime soon: the Polish judge has to do further study into the case before making any ruling.