"You've managed to kill just about everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!"

Target Canada is disappointing shoppers yet again!

Bargain hunters expecting to land big deals on the first day of Target’s liquidation sale were mostly disappointed.

Despite store signs and ads promising markdowns of 30 per cent, shoppers at the West Edmonton Mall store Thursday said most items were discounted only 10 per cent, with some 20-per-cent deals. Some Apple electronics were cut as little as five per cent.
I was in Mexx South Common a couple weeks ago checking out their liquidation bargains. It's Mexx, so even 70% off for a suit jacket wasn't worth it, but at least they were trying.

XS Cargo liquidation even did a better job than this, and their prices were so low that even for the junk they were selling they couldn't discount much. Now it turns out that Target's operations were so disappointing that people aren't even getting worked up over the closure.

Should you even bother with the liquidation? Edmontonian Alva Ve has some advice:
“It’s still cheaper to go to Walmart with their regular prices than it is with the sale here.”