Prentice's call for "citizen input"

The Alberta Government wants "citizen input" on the upcoming provincial budget, according to Finance Minister Robin Campbell.

You know, of course, that they're lying. They want cover to only cut spending by trivial amounts. Prentice is trying to mirror Ralph Klein in cutting MLA salaries by 5%, but Klein went full-bore and cut everybody's salaries. From the Premier of Alberta to snivel servants to activist nurses, everybody who draws a government salary works for us, every one of them (since they essentially don't pay taxes) had to take the hit under Ralph to pay their share of the sacrifice of the budget woes.

Now that Prentice has done the smart thing and decided to kill both the sales tax he floated a month ago and the contemptible NDP plan to raise corporate tax rates, it's time for Prentice to revoke the one tax hike that both he and Rachel Notley support: a reversal of the flat tax.

Meanwhile, one wonders if the "citizen input" on the budget could override the promises Jim Prentice made back in November/December:
A multi-year plan to balance the budget, including capital costs, put an end to debt financing and paying back the debt.

A plan to grow the Heritage Fund.

Limit operating cost increases to the rate of inflation plus population.

No sales tax and keeping Alberta’s taxes the lowest in Canada.