From Third Edge of the Sword; March 30 2008

Wow, has it only been a year since I discovered the Onion on YouTube? The "domestic abuse dropped to zero" video is still one that regularly cracks me up. Since then, here's some of the other Onion gems I saw:

One of my favourite celebs, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is apparently a nobody these days.

Cancer-striken man who just doesn't buy into all that medical nonsense:

True patriotism, Obama will tell you, involves throwing your money into a giant hole:

North Korea brings the moon within reach...not in some pussy American way!

Do you still want to join a dating website Mr. Restoule?

You'll never look at "Global's Women of Vision" awards again:

Think celebrity culture is getting out of hand...?

...then slow down your Hannah Montana watching!

[what was that about "tapping Miley Cyrus? -ed]

Finally, are you sitting down?

No, seriously, sit down.

"Tech saavy consumers are lining up today to be the first to purchase Sony's..."

As soon as you hear that, be sure to sit down, and not have a drink in mouth, or in hand, or within arm's reach. You will hurt yourself laughing, I warn you.

Update, 8:53pm: Er, so I guess I should make it so not all these videos are the JLH one.

As a bonus:
Dominoes tests the limits of what humans will eat: