The David Suzuki recession

I recently got a comment to this old post about David Suzuki. The last three blog comments have all been weird. They have consisted of:

“Hahahahahahahahahah! You... you've got to be kidding me!”
“fuck, is that ever dumb. i don't want to flame too much but you reeeeeally ate shit on this one!”

One may note that which entry these pertain to is somewhat irrelevent. I haven't figured out what's up with them, but I think its something suspicious.

Anyways, I got to rereading that original post, where Suzuki used public schools to promote his political agenda. Oh, hey, lets take a look at what that agenda was, shall we?
Following his presentation, adults and students alike gave Suzuki a warm round of applause, prompting the geneticist to note it was coming from oil-rich Albertans.

Later, with reporters, Suzuki slammed the province’s refusal to rein in the development of the oilsands, which produces massive amounts of greenhouse gas.

“Albertans have always had the highest standard of living in the country, why do you need all this out-of-control expansion of the oilsands?” said an angry Suzuki.

“It’s insanity ... it’s crazy.”
Okay Davey-boy, we did what you've asked. We reigned in on this out-of-control oilsand expansion, just like you asked. Projects are being cancelled, shelved, delayed, shutdown, and abandoned. So, uh, how's that highest standard of living in the country working out for us? Oh, some twenty-three thousand jobs lost.

But as a coworker and I discussed yesterday, this is the economy David Suzuki and Al Gore and Jack Layton want us to have! No urban sprawl (or indeed, construction of any kind). Environmentally-harmful manufacturing is slowing to a halt. Energy demands are dropping. It's Suzuki's paradise: what you and I would call a horrible economic downturn.

Make no mistake. David Suzuki wants you to be unemployed. He wants you and your family to starve. To do without. To be poor. While he lives in one of Vancouvers most expensive neighbourhoods and dumps raw sewage into the ocean of course.