Various news updates

NASA Astronauts have to deal with sophmorically goofy questions showing a lack of real intelligence or knowledge, having to laugh and pretend to be serious when dismissing totally fantastical queries...and then after the President hangs up, talk to some schoolkids!

Ontario wants to bar TicketMaster and TicketsNow from screwing over fans to Leonard Cohen. Um, anybody wanna sit down and explain to me why Cohen doesn't just go to somebody else?

The U.N. just can't get food aid into Darfur. Hey do you know what worked well when the U.N. couldn't get aid into Iraq? The Americans just cleared the bastards out! (Disclaimer: Works only with a real man in the White House)

An after-hours Edmonton club is required to bring in tough new rules to fight drug use. The same tough rules I suggested to fight smoking: no in/out priviledges.

Ohhh, wait, this doesn't mean what I first thought::

"I won't be anyone's fig leaf or anyone's third wheel," Barak told the crowd ahead of the vote. "We will be the counterweight that will guarantee that we won't have a narrow right-wing government, but a real government that will take care of the state of Israel."

Speaking of President Monkey, look at who's being tested less than 70 days into the job.

GenderRacePower hates the "racist iconography that is Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben.
Racist stereotyping remains a common fixture of both advertising and entertainment, and some of the ole time characters are still with us, like our Aunt Jemima and our Uncle Ben. Hell, General Foods just can’t let Uncle Ben go!
Uh, anybody want to guess the first group to be outraged if General Foods decided to unceremoneously drop either character?