2009 Canada Cup

Er, of curling, not hockey.

Anyways, two thoughts struck me:

  1. Kevin Martin and Randy Ferbey in the final. Do they even need to go through the motions at this point? Forget the rest of the weekend, leave the new teams to play just for shits and giggles. We know which two teams will be in the finals. Every year.

  2. Is there a better reason to watch the sport than Team LaRouche? Larouche herself is pretty hot. Lead curler Joëlle Sabourin is hot. Team second Annie LeMay is hot.

    And then their Third, Nancy Bélanger, is gorgeous. Here's the team photo gallery full of hotness. The real killer for the Canada Cup this past weekend? Nancy Bélanger has very dark hair now and sports Sarah Palin glasses. Wow!

Hey, is women's curling a violation of famed Rule 34?

Er, nope. (NSFW)

Update, 11:20pm: Duhhh, how could I have forgotten this?