Just one more click away....

Over at Colby Cosh's website, there is an animated thread on the subject of the Robert Dziekański Taser incident. [actually now there are two threads on the subject. -ed]

Compared to what I put on my blog (and once briefly got involved in at mc79hockey), I'm being relatively restrained in the comments there. Regardless, a police-can-do-no-wrong character (who, for all I know, is the former security guard at my work who has the exact same opinion) is pretty sure that there is absolutely nothing wrong with what happened at the Vancouver Airport (though perhaps the officers were a little too hesitant to taser the dude with the camera too).

It's really gone overboard when, in what's fast becoming sport in this case, a poster joked about how big the stapler must have looked in the heat of the moment where officers had such inaccurate recollections. Pro-police buddy came back with...

do yourself a favor, leave your mom's basement. Get a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, and experience the real world.
Ha ha, good one, you sure showed that... philosophy reading guitarist. Girls will never go for that! It's usually a good first-principles procedure to check the person you're about to personally insult before you do so, just in case.

(At this point, lets just sing the Fire Joe Morgan "Mom's Basement" song and get it all out of our systems.)

I also want it revealed someday that a super-awesome massively popular blogger turns out to be some 16 year old girl, and that for the last 2 3/4 years the internet world was reading brilliantly insightful prose that ran the gamet from bioethics to stellar sequences to 1930s movies... all delivered from her Mom's basement (where, of course, she would have to live only being 16 and having lost her father to a convenience store robber in 2004).