Barack Obama sure is niggardly with the Brits

To Barack Obama, somehow the U.S. President:

  1. a first edition of Martin Gilbert’s seven-volume biography of Winston Churchill
  2. a framed commissioning paper for HMS Resolute
  3. a pen holder fashioned from the timber of HMS Gannet, a sister ship of the Resolute that also served for a time on anti-slavery missions off Africa

To Gordon Brown, somehow the British Prime Minister:
  1. 25 movies on DVD.

If this was the trade in our fantasy hockey pool, there would be fistfights at the bar afterwards. If this was in the NHL, one of the two teams would be the New York Islanders.

As Canada Free Press wonders, is Obama smart enough to actually get Region 2 DVDs? Or will the P.M. have to leave them at the White House and watch them the next time he comes over? Like the leaders of the free world equivalent of that bottle of Coke Zero a friend of mine has left in my fridge for almost 3 months now.

Is this a Chicago thing? A friend from the Windy City once gave me 2 burned CDs of weird dance tracks as a birthday present once. She's not as rich as Obama, but she did work for him once. And it turns out he was a cheap son of a bitch then too.

Update, March 20 2009 12:09pm: Is Obama smart enough to actually get Region 2 DVDs? The answer is.... no.