March 2009 news roundup

Just a few stories that have lately caught my eye...

  • So much for the bored Maytag repairman... the company just recalled almost two million washers due to electrical problems.
  • Memo to MLA Thomas Lukaszuk: I don't want a Conservative Member of Her Majesty's Provincial Legislature to ever defend one of his actions by referencing President Monkey ever again. I mean it.
  • A group of "Temporary Foreign Workers have found additional employment. I really don't see what the story is with these guys. I know that their English is atrocious (which is why a lot of guys don't like working with them up north, which the CBC turns around to describe as "racism"), but surely they can be shown a fucking English-Tagalog dictionary so that they can read for themselves what the word "temporary" means. The job ends, you get out of the country. I really don't see whats difficult here.
  • Toronto's Pearson airport is in Toronto. Vancouver International is in Vancouver. The Olympics are in Vancouver. So naturally it turned out to be a half-true joke that when YVR was named the official airport of the 2010 Olympics, Pearson International felt a little snubbed
  • Speaking of the Olympics, when Vancouver was in the running for the Games did anybody think to mention to the residents that if they okayed the plan they might find themselves unable to travel to work or for pleasure in their own city?
  • Some members of Doctors Without Borders have been captured in Darfur. How many incidents like these will it take for these freaky-deaky commie groups to accept the fact that there are borders, and that because of our civilization its far more pleasurable to be on our side of it than theirs?
  • Another day, another fawning editorial about President Monkey. This one blathering about celebrities hobnobbing with prominent Democrats, which is an argument against rather than for, so far as I could tell. Richard Gere, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and pretty soon that hot chick from the O.C. and the guy who played the Soup Nazi will be bandied about as some sort of geopolitical experts. But the article really fell off the deep end when Hilary Clinton was actually described thusly: "Unlike the Bush Administrations deaf ear, Secretary Clinton is credible, eager to listen, and compassionate to the cause." Compassion and Hill-Dawg are not exactly commonly combined words now, are they?
  • There's a proposal in Ontario to limit the speed limits of truckers. Now this is a dumb idea, partly because slower traffic is a major cause of collisions, and also because truckers gun it before hills in order to keep up their momentum. This actually saves fuel as well as keeps their speed up to avoid being slower as discussed above. Anyways, one of the CBC comments on the story said just ship things by air" for rush shipments. Nobody else told him about IATA so I guess its up to me.
  • America suffered another major shooting incident, with 10 people in Alabama dead. Naturally this is why American finally needs to get some gun control. Ohh, by the way, fifteen people died the same day in a shooting incident in Germany. Naturally this is why Germany's tough gun laws need to be made even more strict.


Anonymous said...

Re: Ontario Speed limiters. Transportation Minister Jim Bradley Is the best that the OTA can buy. This was proven by the way he slid the speed limiter law through. When it came time for people to speak out against the law they were given 3 days notice of the date. Not much time to prepare and it cuts down on the number of people attending. Also it was promised that the impact report would be looked at before the law was voted on. Well they looked at it 2 weeks before it became public and passed the law . Kinda shady politics I';d say.