Kooks and lunatics and ruined threads

There's little else funnier than watching a thread go all weird. One of the better examples of this is recent:

Adam Yoshida posted a critical note about U.S. Presidential candidate Ron Paul on the Western Standard Shotgun blog yesterday. Almost instantly it began filling up with crazy cut-and-paste ads for Ron Paul, followed by personal attacks against Yoshida.

It started moderately crazy:

So, what's the problem?

What are you afraid of?

Grow a pair and become a real American.

Ron Paul is a real American. All the other candidates are CFR tools.

Posted by: Thom1776 | 3-Oct-07 10:54:21 PM
Then it got generally crazy:
This is a rather trashy piece of journalism.. Are you writing from Canada? or from mars? Look my good Canadian neighbor.. If the US caves-in - well you will be joining the party.. If you think that by giving the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton cartel another 4 years to rape a nation will make it all better.. then it may be time to wake up from your slumber. Why do you resort to name calling of people who are intelligent enough to know right form wrong? Have you any idea what a monster this Clinton woman is? Do you beleive for one micro second that she has the best interest of the US at heart? Hello?

Posted by: mike | 3-Oct-07 11:18:22 PM
Hey Yoshi, when the Lucifer-worshipping CFR-humping power-freaky ghouls pay you in wads of cash to write this crap, don't go blow it all on crack and pink meth before you actually finish writing the piece. Words to live by.

Posted by: Dan Hollenbeck | 4-Oct-07 12:14:19 AM
This post just goes to prove the Canadian Conservatives is a figment of peoples imagination.
Ron Paul is by definition a Conservative and a true Republican.

Every person that says they are a Conservative or Republican who denounce Ron Paul are really neocons. And neocons are neither Conservative or Republican they are extremist who may as well be communist.

Posted by: sms | 4-Oct-07 12:35:17 AM
I am Canadian and I am ashamed that this is a Canadian journal. How can you as a fellow Canadian fall so low as to emulate the American main stream media. I live on the East Coast of Canada, please western Canadians, reassure me that this is an islolated piece of s**t in the western Canadian journals.

Posted by: Radwar99 | 4-Oct-07 12:41:29 AM

And then all hell broke loose and Marc Emery got involved:
Of all the betrayals in the conservative media, the Western Standard shows how filthy the hypocrisy can get.

The Western Standard is obsessively zionist, and schizophrenically teeters back and forth between foamy mouthed oil industry ass-kissing neo-con classism, racism and empire-building and yet it is occasionally buttressed by some of the best libertarian thinkers like Karen Selick and Pierre Lemieux.

Its animosity towards Islam is the result of Ezra Levant being publisher. He is Israel obsessed and hostile to Dr. Paul, because Dr. Paul won't be propping up oil kingdom Saudi Arabia (the Western Standard IS the oil industry, it is financed by an oil baron) or socialist and militarist Israel. President Paul would get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, which would break neo-con Levant's heart.

The audience for the Western Standard are largely Alberta Republicans who despise everything about Canada and can't wait for the Anschluss of Canada into the USA to become the oil supplying satrapy of Imperial America.

If Dr. Paul's vision of a constitutionally restricted federal government and free markets, individual liberty, no empire building, a humble foreign policy, security at home, a repeal of prohibition, all offer stability and prosperity for America.

Posted by: Marc Scott Emery | 4-Oct-07 5:32:51 AM
Then, just to prove that things could get still loopier:

I'm a 48 year old grandfather who's greatly appreciating the Ron Paul Presidential campaign! The BIGGER story however is, that Ron Paul has $5.3M cash on hand and that he's NOT going to take matching funds! Most political experts estimate the Ron Paul grass-roots army of 50,000+ of ever rapidly growing volunteers to be worth an extra $10+M/per month in campaign contributions! SO WAKE UP NEOCONS! America is sick and tired of "BIG Brother" government breathing down our necks and getting us involved in no-win, unconstitionally, undeclared "military-industrial" growth wars in the middle east plus the 130 other countries we have a presence in at the taxpayers expense of $1 TRILLION per year! I personally loathe working 5 months out of the year to pay my income tax obligation that's earmarked 100% for the "interest-only" payment on the $10 TRILLION National debt to the "ultra-private" Federal Reserve Banking Corporation! Of course, I detest our current "pack of beaurocrats" who are spending our tax dollars like "junkies waiting for their next fix!" I am however, extremely delighted as to the way Ron Paul has shown his frugal fiscal responsibility regarding his own personal campaign - Let's compare that with ANY other presidential candidates finances and review their "donations vs.. expenditures" ratios? Then ask yourself this important question - Who do you really want running our economy for the next 4-8 years? A fiscal conservative who thinks our dollars should be backed by something other than printing money out of "thin air" and who would replace the dreaded "Income Tax" with NOTHING! Or just the same 'ole same 'ole ...btw...FYI to MSM a point of clarification an ISOLATIONIST is the EXACT opposite of a NON-INTERVENTIONIST and Ron Paul is a NON-INTERVENTIONIST! Please for God Sake learn the difference, unless you're intentially misleading people. Also, while I'm on a roll - The term "Long Shot" for Ron Paul can gracefully be discarded in the compost pile of media bias and propaganda. This may be our last chance ... The choice is yours ... GOOGLE Ron Paul for yourself and get the WHOLE story on the man many believe to be an American Hero!!!

Best Ron Paul video - (Reply: WRONG!?Best Presidential Candidacy Video EVER!!!)

"None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
-- Goethe

Posted by: chris lawton | 4-Oct-07 1:20:55 PM

At least there was one small voice of sanity reminding everybody how true Yoshida's original point was:
I have no idea who this Paul guy is so I entered this thread with an open mind. After reading the childish phrases, the vulgar language and the blantant anti-semitism from the keyboards of his so-called supporters, I don't want to know anything more about him. If this is an exemplification of his support base, then he is definitely one big loser.
Nice job Kids!

Posted by: atric | 4-Oct-07 10:40:45 AM

I suppose I could google this "CFR" thing they're talking about. Or just assume Ron Paul really hates the Canadian Finals Rodeo. That seems easier.


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